Frequently Asked Questions

If a customer has any private question they would like to ask us, they can quickly contact us at our webmail [email protected] 

or call or message us on whatsapp and we will get back to you shortly +16826515302

we offer a 100% safe and secured delivery guaranteed. we also offer a reshipment if for some reason caused by us your package did not get to you

We accept payment via Bitcoin, Cash app, Zelle, Western Union, Paypal , and Gift Card. We also accept payment in cash sent through the mail, but that can only be done by our regular customers for security purpose

Note: We advice all customers to use Crypto currency (Bitcoin) as they add an extra layer of security and anonymity for us and the clients.

We are the right online psychedelic shop for you because we offer our clients the best services, and also the best quality product, which can be use for medical purpose as they are all verified and tested.

We also help clients to learn more about psychedelic products, their use and effects.

We also make sure that our clients browse and shop with us at 100% secure level from our chats to payments and then deliveries.

We recommend some of our products for medical use and personal use.

We recommend that any customer must be 18 years  and above to be able to purchase any of our products

Note: not all drugs are legal in all countries and cities, be warned that some of this drugs have some physical and mental effects so if you are consuming it, it should not be on us if further issues are been encountered due to the drugs.

we offer 3 types of delivery

  • overnight delivery (by FedEx or UPS priority)
  • 1-2 day delivery (by FedEx or UPS priority)
  • 3-5 days delivery (by FedEx or UPS priority)

Note: some shipping may take longer due to covid 19 or your countries level of security, but never the less we always make sure our customers get their package on time

Our payment process is very discreet and safe so our clients are safe, all packages are packed discreetly by professionals and no signature is needed for delivery.

After ordering you will get an email, call, or text via WhatsApp directing you on how to make payment, which after payment is made and confirmed you will receive the tracking information of your package  with 1 to 2 hours

We ship our products worldwide.

Over 15 Years of Experience

we have a professional experience on psychedelic sales since 2005, we also are experts on growing some of this drugs since 2000..as we have been in this line of business since 2000 but officially started sellong from 2005.

Our Awards

we have gained a lot of trust from our old time customers as we always keep to our words, supply our clients with the quality drugs, deliver on time and also make sure a clients money is refunded if he or she is not satisfied with the product we sent. This has given us a good record in the past years.

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