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Buying online from Buy mushroom online psychedelic store is very easy and simple. Just follow the various steps on how to place your order,make payments with various details and where to pay, and if you have any issues or questions feel free to call us or email us, if we do not reply immediately you can leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Go to shop page and kindly select your desired product(products), or type what you are looking for on our search bar🛒.
  • Browse more products or add the desired products to your cart and view cart immediately.
  • You can select quantity in grams or ounce (half ounce) and check thoroughly before you proceed to check out.
  • Then fill in the information needed to process your order, kindly choose a payment method and place your order.
  • Come to our how to order page and collect(use) the payment detail provided on the payment method you selected.
  • Lastly once we receive your order, we will proceed with the delivery using the delivery information and hand you the secrete tracking code.
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Payment Options


Set up account

Download the cashapp app on your mobile phone or pc, if you don’t have one,then kindly log in or set up your cash app account using your email or phone number.once that is done, you should quickly add your Visa Master card, Debit card or credit bank step is to add cash to your cash app balance (the amount needed for your order and additional fee for charges) from your visa,debit,credit or bank account.

Then finally you will use the cash app Tag and name provided on the checkout page below the cash app payment description to make payment.

Now you may use our cash tag to make payment and send us a receipt copy or screenshot of the payment via email, direct messaging if in the United States or whatsapp us. After that we will confirm payment and proceed with delivery.

Note: Cash app payment can only be used in the United States.


At Buy Mushroom Online we believe that an ideal payment method should be safe, discreet, fast and convenient.

If you already own a bitcoin wallet, this will be the safest and most convenient payment method. After placing an order, we will issue a payment address for you to make a deposit, after which your order will be processed and delivered.

Get Started

You can go to any BitcoinAtm ⌨ using our bitcoin address below and pay with cash or bank card, after that which you will provide to us the payment receipt via our email or whatsapp for confirmation before we can proceed with the delivery of your package.

Create a Bitcoin wallet by Registering online or via their mobile apps with,,, or And with,,,, or circle you can buy bitcoins easily.

Choose a Payment Method (Credit/Debit/Bank Account).

Convert your checkout amount to bitcoins, then send bitcoins your bitcoin wallet or directly to our wallet address provided below.

Our Bitcoin Wallet Address:→ 18rxZtDFFr8wN3L9g1x6sZiWW7oSvLK8fB

Share a visible screenshot of the transaction page with us via email once bitcoins are sent.


Send Money Online

To send money via online. Log in to your profile, If you don’t have a profile, please register for free.Choose the Money in Minutes service.Enter our cashout name and address which will be provided to you after we recieve your order.Pay with your credit or debit card (issued by a bank in the United States).You’ll get a confirmation by email. Share the receipt and tracking number (MTCN) with us via email,direct messaging if in the United States or whatsapp us.

Send Money In Person

Search for an Agent location near you. Complete the Send Money section of the form with our cashout name and address, then choose Cash Pickup and Money in Minutes.Give the Agent the completed form with the applicable funds (including transaction fee).Pay with cash or a US bank-issued debit card (at participating locations).Share a visible copy of the receipt and the tracking number (MTCN) with us via email,direct messaging if in the United States or whatsapp us.