Cambodian magic mushroom


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Cambodian magic mushroom

As the Cambodian magic mushroom name suggest, this strain  is a species of magic mushroom that originated from Cambodia. John Allen, a mycologist, discovered this strain during his Cambodia visit. It’s a family of the psilocybe mushrooms. Cambodian Magic Mushroom Strain creeps high quickly and is it’s a Strain to induce energy by a feeling of euphoria.

Various tests have found Cambodian Mushroom to be a potent hybrid that induces a long-lasting energy sensation. The high experience is not intense; it’s just a strong stimulation and a strong physical effect. Cambodian Magic mushroom hits you with a robust sensory distortion and its highly efficient for a late evening or night sustenance.

The golden caps make this strain appealing and grow to have a diameter of one to three inches. Plants of Cambodian Mushroom are compacts, and the lids are featured with dark purple pores and grey gills. When they are mature, it has an average stem height of four to six inches tall.

Psilocin and psilocybin are the most active compounds dominant in the Cambodian  mushroom. These psychoactive elements induce sedative effects to leave consumers with hallucinations. Cambodian Mushroom’s effects are generally quite potent to generate auditory and visual distortions, and energy levels can boost the creative impulses.

Cambodian Shroom Description

Psilocybin cubensis has over 180 different mushroom strain hybrids with Cambodian Mushroom being one of the potent species. It’s an intense strain that originated from South East Asia. John Allen discovered this species near Cambodian Khmer temples.

Cambodian shroom’s ability to give increased energy has made this strain to be recognized by users as “Sativa of mushrooms.” Its active genetic elements have a rapid boost to the psychoactive effects. Visual hallucinations and sensory distortions appear as a result of the extreme high of this shroom.

Cambodian  Mushroom is a potent strain from the cubes species. The stone of this potent strain can produce a quick euphoric feeling. Cambodian  Mushroom is best when taken as a whole dosage. It is consumed proportionally as a microdose or taken as the psilocybin tea.

Cambodian Psilocybe Cubensis can be eaten in a small dosage, and users can opt to take magic mushroom pills that have a regulated amount of this strain. The pre-allocated capsules make the consumption process easy. The consumers who may prefer to take this strain in tea should use 1.5 to 2 cups of boiled water. Dried psilocybe should then be added in the boiled water allow them to steep for about 15 to 20 minutes.

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