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Fresh Mushroom Grow Kit ‘Golden Teacher’

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Golden Teacher Grow kit

The magicmushroom strain Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher Grow Kit made its first appearance on the market in the late 1980’s. Both its origin and who discovered it are unknown, but what led to its name-giving is obvious. The caps have a golden color and it has capabilities to teach you new perspectives.

Magic mushroom grow kits by Fresh Mushrooms contain nothing but 1200ml of colonized rye. The kit is ready to grow when it arrives at your doorstep – all you need to grow your own mushrooms is a little patience.

The All-in-one grow kit contains everything you need to grow your own. Magic Mushrooms This allows you to grow the old familiar quality of McSmart. Just add water and follow the instructions. The All-in-one grow kit contains the grow kit, a grow bag with air filters and two paper clips. The grow kit is available in 250cc, 1200cc and 2100cc.

The Teachers of Gold are mildly strong. They provide a reliably moderate ride, so many consider them a gateway shroom. Their potency is not the weakest or the strongest of all magic mushrooms, like all species within the Psilocybe Cubensis genus.

The grow kit is ready to grow as soon as you receive it. If you need to wait a while, the grow kit can be stored in the fridge for up to a month. Any longer may compromise the grow results. Product information Psilocybin strain: Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher Cultivation difficulty: Easy Strength: Potent Colonization time: 12 – 14 days.


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