Golden Teacher Mushroom Strain

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Dried and Fresh Golden Teacher Mushrooms  strain available for purchase for the best qualities and Grow kits.



Golden Teacher Mushroom Strain has a distinct appearance, with long, winding stems and wide caps. They are a favorite among growers for being relatively easy to maintain and cultivate.

Golden Teacher psilocybe cubensis strain has mild potency and a variety of effects. These include visual distortions, enhanced colors, lightness or giddiness, and powerful emotions. People also report feeling euphoric, spiritually in-tune, and perceptive when taking Golden Teacher psilocybe cubensis.

Trips and Dosage of Golden Teacher Mushroom Strain

This psilocybin mushroom strain trips can often be revelatory, or at least insightful. As suggested by their name, these mushrooms impart powerful lessons that remain even after the experience.

A Golden Teacher dosage, like most other psilocybin mushrooms, would start at around two grams dried. Two grams should be enough for most people to feel some effects, but nothing overpowering. A higher dosage would begin with three or more grams, and exceeding five grams should be plenty to experience the Golden Teacher in full force. They can take effect in as quickly as 20 minutes, and the experience usually lasts for four to six hours

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms! A spiritual classic that has been around for ages. The shining yellow-gold caps and wise teachings give this mushroom strain it’s rightful name. With a magic mushroom grow kit from this psilocybe cubensis you can expect medium size to large mushrooms with wide caps, ideal for spore printing.

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28 grams, 50 grams, 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, 1 pound, 1 kg

4 reviews for Golden Teacher Mushroom Strain

  1. Ella Addison

    These had me zingin! Ate em at a family dinner still kept my shit together ahah

  2. Lilly Grace

    Thanks boys! Will def be ordering again.

  3. Jaden S

    Had a few stems that had some strange black colouring to them, but over all good quality, and fast shipping 🙂

  4. Larry Scott

    Have yet to try them, but they look and smell great. Weight came close to more than 1 kg even though I ordered 1kg, I am grateful because the last time I ordered shrooms from a different site I got scammed.

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