Mid West Grow Kits

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Mid West Grow kits

This ultimate Mid west Grow kits uses a forced air system with filtration, It differs from other Kits which use Õshotguno style fruiting chamber, which is simply a container with many holes. This system is superior because it allows growing in any environment, even the dirtiest attic or basement.

Further more, this Mid West Grow Kits can be used for both incubation period and for fruiting for growing magic mushroom..

How to grow Magic mushroom using the Mid West Grow Kits.

  • Fill the large plastic container with water. Water level should be high enough so it slightly goes up the site of the inner chamber ( smaller clear Rubbermaid).
  • Secondly about like over half way up (tap water is fine). The submersible heater gets placed on bottom and gets plugged in, color of large container will vary.
  • Next, float the smaller container into the water and place the thermometer inside , close the lid .

You may adjust the heater knob all the way up to start . Every  room or environment is different so start on the warmest possible setting and adjust down from there.

Again,  you will want to reach anywhere from 77-82 degrees. The water temp may be much hotter, depending on the room temp you’re growing in. Then check the thermometer, it may take a few hours to get it right. You may get it too hot at first , but simply turn back the knob to lower the temp. You may stir up the water a little while setting this up.

This may take a little time to get perfected.

Once you get the temp correct, add your inoculated jars and close the lid, that’s all that is needed for the first three weeks. Make sure the temp stays right and then once you are done colonizing move to step 3.

The jars need small amount of gas exchange while in the jars. so we recommend leaving the foil on loosely and opening up the lid every few days , to allow some fresh air to enter.



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